Brian Donahue

Brian Donahue is a founder and partner of CRAFT | Media / Digital.

With close to two decades of experience in the political and public affairs arena, Brian managed four federal election campaigns, and served on two presidential election staffs. After serving as a target state Executive Director for Bush-Cheney ’04, Brian became the National 72-Hour Director at the Republican National Committee. Brian served as Deputy Chief of Staff to former Congressman Mike Ferguson. Prior to launching CRAFT, Brian was a partner with a national political media firm.

A veteran strategist, Brian has developed communications and advertising campaigns for some of Washington’s leading political and advocacy organizations, and helped elect members of Congress and U.S. Senate. He also executed campaigns affecting the top issues facing the business industry, among other private sector clients.

Brian has presented media and digital strategy as part of numerous panels and campaign schools. He has been frequently featured in national news outlets including the New York Times, The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, CNN, Roll Call, The Hill, National Journal, ClickZ and POLITICO. Campaigns & Elections Magazine named him a Rising Star in 2006.

Brian is an occasional political commentator on FOX News Channel and has regularly appeared on MSNBC. Brian has taught Political Marketing as an adjunct faculty member at the George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management.

Brian holds a B.A. degree from the George Washington University, and a campaign management certification from American University.

Matthew Dybwad

Matthew Dybwad

Matthew Dybwad is a founder and partner of CRAFT | Media / Digital.

Matthew heads up the digital practice at CRAFT, leading a team of designers, developers, and communicators specializing in digital presence, email marketing, advocacy, fundraising, SEO, UX, and other fun acronyms.

Matthew enjoys solving problems with technology, hating on Apple fanboys, and quoting Fight Club (don’t tell anyone).

With over a dozen years of online political experience, Matthew has designed and built websites for countless political candidates, including Mia Love, Governor John Kasich, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Pat Toomey, Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator George Allen, Senator Elizabeth Dole, Speaker John Boehner, and Congressman George Nethercutt, as well as organizations including The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, Club for Growth, the Pickens Plan, the Republican National Committee, the National Republican Congressional Committee, the Republican State Leadership Committee, various GOP state parties, and the Martin Luther King, Jr., National Memorial Foundation.

Before CRAFT, Matthew helped build emotive llc, a leading online political direct marketing firm, from the ground up as part of the original team of employees. As Director of Internet Strategy, Matthew planned and executed online outreach and fundraising campaigns and started emotive’s online advertising operation. He also built a new practice in data consulting at emotive, analyzing client house files and formulating segmentation strategies to build the foundation for targeted constituent communication. Matthew also directed creative strategy and managed all creative aspects of emotive’s online direct marketing practice.

Before joining emotive, Matthew served as Creative Director for TSE Enterprises in partnership with DCI Group, specializing in website creation, graphic design, multimedia production, and strategic online communication. He also worked with New Media Communications under Mike Connell, creating and producing websites and managing online campaigns for candidates and public affairs clients.

Prior to New Media, Matthew worked at Capital Advantage (now part of CQ/Roll Call), the original online congressional look-up and advocacy tool, as a product integrator and designer.

Matthew hails from the Northwest and enjoys hiking and mountain climbing, having climbed Mt. Rainer and Mt. Hood before giving up any hope of physical fitness after starting a business.

Justin Germany

Justin Germany is a founder and partner of CRAFT | Media / Digital.

Previously Justin was the founder of Outlaw Media, a boutique media consulting firm specializing in Web video. Before founding Outlaw Media, Justin served the McCain campaign as Director of Online Media.

At Foxhole Productions, Justin wrote, edited and produced hundreds of Web videos and broadcast advertising pieces. New York Magazine named his Web ad, “The One,” as the most effective ad of the entire 2008 presidential race.

Named a Rising Star by Politics magazine, Justin previously worked on Bush-Cheney ’04 as the eCampaign videographer and editor. His cinéma vérité-inspired work served as a nexus between digital documentary and political messaging that showcased the President on the campaign trail.

The New York Times took note of Justin’s editing and shooting style, describing a movie he filmed and edited for the President’s rallies, “The video stands out … edgy, unpresidential style, with grainy pictures, speeded-up-action and off kilter camera angles shouting out ‘You got a problem with this?’ to anyone under 25.”

He holds a Master’s in Political Management from the George Washington University and received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Communication from Louisiana State University.

Zachary Hanover

Zachary Hanover is a Media Producer at CRAFT | Media / Digital.

Zachary is a Telly Award-winning producer and a Pollie Award-winning editor, and has been with CRAFT’s media team since August 2010. He specializes in media production and post-production.

Zachary produces the highest quality visual work for CRAFT’s clients utilizing several types of production equipment, including the Canon 5D, Sony FS-100, and RED Scarlet-X cameras. His expertise includes Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe After Effects.

Zachary graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Communication from the School of Media and Public Affairs at The George Washington University. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, and is an avid fan of both the Memphis Grizzlies and Memphis Tigers basketball teams.

Zachary’s passion is taking a unique and fresh approach to production challenges, and he loves testing new workflows and technologies.

Chelsie Paulson

Chelsie Paulson is the Director of Social Media at CRAFT | Media / Digital.

Chelsie manages CRAFT’s media buying, print design and placement and social media services for multiple clients. This past 2012 election cycle, Chelsie managed millions of dollars in television placement and helped produce over 4 million print pieces.

Prior to joining CRAFT, Chelsie was a social media specialist for a Gannett broadcast station in Columbia, S.C., and held a communications internship in the office of the South Carolina Lieutenant Governor. Chelsie pioneered and managed a public relations staff for the Garnet and Black, a publication of the University of South Carolina, and served as USC’s first female College Republicans chairman during an election year, working with various state and congressional races.

Chelsie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Relations and a minor in Spanish from the University of South Carolina. At CRAFT, Chelsie marries her background in journalism and a passion for politics. Chelsie is originally from Franklinville, N.J., and worked as a fitness instructor during college.