CRAFT takes a cohesive approach to solve problems and execute communications strategies that get measurable results. We’ve developed these case studies to share our experiences when communication plans are taken out of their vacuum and set in motion.

  • Case Study: Intelligence

    Knowing what people are saying about an issue, campaign, or company has obvious value. But even organizations that keep an ear to the ground often fail to recognize opportunities and dangers because they can’t separate the signal from the noise; they miss patterns in the information, or they’re unfamiliar with many potential allies who can change the conversation.

    A campaign competing in a high-profile race against much better-funded opposition hired CRAFT to provide our trademark political intelligence. CRAFT operatives know many relevant, trusted sources, understand their audiences, and use this knowledge to quickly become familiar with the rest. By keeping a constant watch on important media channels and staying in contact with sources, CRAFT kept the campaign informed on important events in real time, immediately advised them on what targeted responses were likely to be effective, and even helped prevent negative coverage before it was published. The campaign was thrilled to see the positive effect on earned media without having to waste scarce dollars buying media time.

    CRAFT has done the same for well-heeled issue groups and well-known companies. A Fortune 100 company faced a constant barrage of negative press for multiple products that worked its way into new media, but CRAFT identified influential groups that could be inoculated against the attacks, developed research-based messages that would persuade those groups, and thus narrowed the battlefield so that the company’s own communications department could focus on the traditional outlets they knew best.

    CRAFT’s Intel/PR channel will be your eyes and ears when you can’t afford to be. With total battlespace awareness, CRAFT clients win….and win big.
  • Case Study: Covert Messaging

    In order to succeed in increasingly saturated markets across all sectors of the economy, companies sometimes need a leg up on their competitors.

    CRAFT was approached by a public company trailing in both market share and revenues to a competitor. Our crack team of researchers and strategists brought a political campaign approach to the problem, combing news websites, comment threads, blogs, business filings, court dockets and filings, patent filings, and monitoring television and radio in over 200 media markets. CRAFT produced a thorough opposition research file on our client’s competitor, and began a clandestine, sustained media campaign against our opposition.

    In very little time, CRAFT’s narratives took sector stakeholders by storm, from mainstream news outlets to niche-specific blogs. Spillover coverage of the narratives we CRAFTed and drove began to seep into broadcast, print, and online media. We completely changed the tone, tenor, and substance of ongoing industry conversations about who leads the market and why. Our client’s stock price began to soar. While they’re still competing for market share, our client’s revenues are reaching all-time highs.

    CRAFT doesn’t just move messages. CRAFT achieves tangible, observable outcomes for our clients.
  • Case Study: Attack Proofing

    More often than not, companies trying to make the world a better place by making goods and services more affordable and available to more people come under attack by politically-motivated special interest groups and competitors.

    A Fortune 100 company approached CRAFT after undergoing sustained astroturf attacks and media criticisms of its contract work providing goods and services to the federal government. Using the client’s assets, conducting thorough research, and producing original reporting on the company and its federal programs, our analysts proactively found areas in which our client could and should rebut its critics. CRAFT waged a successful defensive media campaign in mainstream press and online media outlets to attack-proof our client from baseless accusations, unfair insinuations, and ideological scrutiny.

    Thanks to CRAFT, our client now enjoys the freedom to focus on its contract work. With our Intel/PR team always on the watch, the client never misses an opportunity to get out in front of a news cycle and protect its reputation as a federal contractor.

    CRAFT doesn’t just move messages. CRAFT will help you identify opportunities you may not see, and we build coalitions of influencers to level the playing field of strategic messaging.

    CRAFT’s Intel/PR team knows who you need to know online. How can we help you?
  • Televison Media: CRAFT’s work has been featured on major news networks, including FOX News Channel, CNN and MSNBC and on national programs including Face the Nation, This Week With George Stephanopoulos, Morning Joe, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Hugh Hewitt.
  • Internet Media: CRAFT has placed stories for our clients on top blogs and internet media, including Hot Air, Michelle Malkin, RedState, Hugh Hewitt, Instapundit,, National Journal’s Hotline On Call, The Daily Caller, Huffington Post, Gateway Pundit, American Spectator, National Review Online, The Weekly Standard and leading state-focused blogs across the country.
  • Traditional Media: CRAFT has generated news for our clients in mainstream media outlets, including the New York Times, the Atlantic, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, Orange County Register, POLITICO, The Hill, The Washington Examiner, Business Insider, GigaOM, Real Clear Politics, CQ-Roll Call, Cook Political report and Stuart Rothenberg Political Report.