CRAFT occupies a unique position in the political and public affairs agency space. CRAFT is the first firm in the public affairs and political consulting industry that provides clients with an integrated approach to improving their brand and moving their messages with the right audiences.

CRAFT has a vast number of clients in the political industry, including leading Republican members of congress, major industry associations, issue groups, and corporate clients.

Built out of the fast-paced political services industry, CRAFT is responsive, efficient, and maintains strong political industry awareness, that our clients come to expect. CRAFT’s core principal is commitment to our client’s success.


CRAFT | Booking will place clients on major news networks and programs, who can provide expertise and illustrate value in the political space. Aside from a regular stable of clients, CRAFT has connections to local Washington, D.C. talent who would be available for unique high profile or newsworthy occasions.

There are a few agencies that focus on political talent. CRAFT | Booking is only Washington-based agency of its kind to serve the political news industry, delivering talent—on-demand—for networks.


CRAFT is providing a new television booking service, under its current media, digital, and intelligence public affairs offerings, built around Alex Finland, the former producer for Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace.

Finland is a high level expert in television news programming with over eight years of experience working at FOX News Channel, the highest rated cable news outlet. Finland brings to CRAFT a depth of experience when it comes to booking guests, working with high-level talent, and coordinating the production of Fox News Sunday.

During his time at Fox News Channel, Finland worked closely with leaders in the news industry like Chris Wallace, Brit Hume, Laura Ingraham, Bill Hemmer, and Megyn Kelly, among others.

As the producer of Fox News Sunday, Finland was given the tasks of booking top tier political guests, including presidential candidates, Heads of State, US Senators & Congressmen, sitting state Governors, and many of the most well recognized and respected political journalists and operatives in both New York and Washington. Alex Finland will lead CRAFT | Booking by booking and placing CRAFT clients on programs that seek political experts and opinion leaders available for on-air broadcast, cable and radio network segments and programs for newsworthy occasions.

Finland will lead the day-to-day management of CRAFT | Booking operations. Finland will also manage the vetting and training of clients who seek to deliver valuable content for media networks and programs.


In a 24-Hour news cycle, there is always a need for more guests, more expert talent. Producers and bookers don’t always have the time to do all the research themselves.

They need a trusted source—a connector—that can link their network of news professionals to quality content providers. Networks need an agency that can provide valuable talent, while operating with the same efficiency as the newsroom.

CRAFT | Booking is building a clearing-house for all talent needs. CRAFT’s clients are the decision makers in the political industry and are the much needed resources for news professionals. CRAFT’s booking clients are vetted and trained for delivering valuable content for programmers.

CRAFT | Booking will connect them to that important network of talent. CRAFT moves at the speed of the newsroom and has an industry understanding of news professionals needs.

There is an opportunity in the media market for an agile and efficient booking agency where most agencies are stodgy and inefficient. CRAFT | Booking is faster, more integral, and more professional than those presently in the industry.

CRAFT has the infrastructure and culture to serve television network producers and bookers, driving stories and moving opinion for our clients.


  • Cable Networks: FOX News Channel, CNN, MSNBC, Bloomberg, FOX Business (all news and talk programs and all day parts)
  • Broadcast Networks: NBC, FOX, CBS, ABC (morning shows, news and talk programs, Sunday shows and nightly news)
  • Radio: Syndicated news and talk formats
  • Digital Programming: Digital programming and live streaming


  • CRAFT introduces clients to television network bookers and producers, specifically in the Washington and New York metro areas.
  • CRAFT develops and maintain relationships with network producers and bookers to position our clients as a resource for their programming needs.
  • CRAFT builds unique profiles for clients to create on-air opportunities tailored to their expertise.
  • CRAFT monitors client issues to help clients to capitalize on media opportunities.
  • CRAFT prepares clients by offering media training and coaching for successful network appearances.
  • CRAFT provides clients issue research and talking points to prepare for successful network appearances.
  • CRAFT provides clients detailed summaries of program formats, host profiles, and profiles of opposing panelists.
  • CRAFT cultivates relationships with activists, and key influencers in new media who can raise awareness and bring attention to our clients—before, during, and after their appearances.
  • CRAFT drives content for social media promotion and other marketing materials, including video clips of appearances.
  • CRAFT strategically promotes media appearances, engage with high-level influencers and keep the conversation going long after the cameras are off.